141005 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Way posted a thank you note after the Chrome Family concert in Japan.

Today we had Chrome Family concert!! Although there were some imperfections, but we had fun together, so thank you everyone^^!!! We will work harder in the future:)
Thanks for everyone’s hard work. Good night everyone^^ The picture is one of the school uniforms;) -Way-

오늘 크롬패밀리 콘서트!! 미흡했지만 그래도 함께 웃으며 즐겨주셔서 정말 감사했습니다^^!!! 앞으로 더더욱 발전할게요:) 모두 수고 많이하셨습니다 좋은밤되세용^^ 사진은 새로운 교리닝복 입구;)-웨이-

Source: Twitter