141005 Crayon Pop’s Geummi’s Twitter Translated

Geummi posted minutes apart from Choa’s posting, and surprisingly, she has dyed her hair back! Gone is blond Geummi!


How’s everybody’s weekend!?
it’s getting cool at night~.~
Be careful not to catch a cold!!!
It is during times like this when you should take care of your body even more~~
I wanted to work out, so I came to the gym^^
Here’s wishing everyone a lovely evening. geummi

일요일 마무리 잘하고 계시나요!?
이젠 정말 밤에도 쌀쌀하니 춥네용~.~ 모두 감기조심!!!이럴때일수록 건강 잘챙겨야해요~~전 좀 뛰고싶어서 헬스장 갑니당^^키키 그럼 굿밤보내용geummi http://t.co/toFVRKKbQz

Source: Twitter