141004 Crayon Pop at Gimpo Airport to Japan

Crayon Pop was at Gimpo Airport this morning on their way to the Chrome Family Concert in Japan at Tokyo’s Shinagawa Stellar Ball.  We’ll be updating this post with more pictures and video as they are posted.

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Pictures from media outlets

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  • apieth


  • WilliamBlake

    Kinda interesting to see how much worse the pictures from the media outlets are compared to the fan-taken ones. All those harsh flashes etc.
    I must say I always prefer the fan-taken pics in Crayon Pop’s case, because you can see that the “photographers” actually care about who they are taking a pic of/what they look like in the photo, and have the decency to not even post the ones that make them look shiny etc.

    • numetal_militia

      Totally agree. Besides, koreans have some kind of supernatural born talent for quality photography.