141002 Strawberry Milk’s Facebook Translated

‪More teaser images have been released for Strawberry Milk!

#StrawberryMilk Second teaser images revealed!
15 Oct at 12 noo, title song ‘#OK’ will be released!

#‎딸기우유‬ 2차 티저 이미지 공개!
10월 15일 낮 12시에 타이틀곡 ‘‪#‎OK‬’의 음원이 공개됩니다!

P.S. Way is on the left, and Choa on the right in both pictures.
Source: Facebook

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    x.x *cuteness overload* x.x

    • touchthesky

      I thought title track just means the song that is going to be promoted and have a music video. That’s how I’ve seen the term used (in K-pop at least).

    • Taylor Simon

      A “title track” is the song that will get an MV and be promoted. It’s like The Streets Go Disco album. There are no songs by that name on the album. Dancing Queen 2.0 was the title track.

  • Keldraco

    They are so cute!