141001 Strawberry Milk’s Facebook Translated

We have finally gotten the official English name of the album, which is Jackpot, and images of Strawberry Milk!

#StrawberryMilk #CrayonPopUnit #터져라 #JackPot #OK

Strawberry Milk’s debut mini album ‘터져라(Jackpot)’ 1st wave of images!

#딸기우유 #크레용팝유닛 #터져라 #Jackpot #OK

딸기우유 데뷔 미니앨범 ‘터져라(Jackpot)’ 1차 티저 이미지 공개!

P.S. Way is on the left, and Choa on the right in both pictures.
Source: Facebook

  • Honey, I shrunk the kids.. erm.. twins. :O

  • Keno

    they better get a strawberry milk drink sponsor

    • Way would drink it all before they shoot the ad.

  • robertrickett

    Jack Pot: The most welcome word heard in Las Vegas. They must have enjoyed their stay.

  • apieth

    Jackpot after barbarbar…
    CEO Hwang loves to gamble
    Yup, he start chrome ent from bottom like gambling