140929 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Ellin spotted a mouse and posted a video of it.

Way, it’s a mouse..First time seeing such a big one..
It’s as cute as Mickey Mouse..:)
우아 쥐다.. 이렇게 큰쥐 처음봐.. 미키마우스 같아 귀여웡..:)

Source: Instagram

  • Mats Oldberg

    PS Ellin!!! It´s a Rat! NOT a Mouse!!!

  • Mark Lorenzana

    thats not a mouse its a RAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • GBuster

    Elgu you always make me smile.

  • termyt

    That’s not a mouse….

    Either she hates Mickey or I have a better chance at being “cute” in her eyes than I thought.

  • Btw, just wanted to clarify, she was saying “wow” not speaking to Way (우아, 쥐다) 😛