140929 CEO Hwang’s Instagram Translated

CEO Hwang posted a photo of the celebrations upon the completion of the MV shoot for Strawberry Milk, with what else but..?

10706687_515590625244337_1106069596_nAfter shooting the choreography video~~~!! Hwaiting!!
안무영상 촬영 마치고~~~!! 파이팅!!

CEO Hwang posted pictures of Strawberry Milk.

Strawberry Milk profile cut (not album’s concept pictures)
This weekend we will release teaser, posters and pictures~!

딸기우유 프로필컷(앨범 컨셉 아님) 이번주 부터 티져 화보 이미지들 공개합니다~!

CEO Hwang updated fans that the twins’ subunit’s audio track and MV filming has been completed.

ceo insta3

I learned…that filming for 24 hours straight is possible…more than 40 staff, and our twins!!! It was really hard work..ㅠㅠ

연속 24시간 동안 뮤비촬영…이 가능하더라…40명이 넘는 스테프, 또 우리 쌍둥이!!! 정말 고생 많았다..ㅠㅠ

ceo insta2

No Min-hyuk’s guitar recording session…in front of Way!! The twins put in all their passion into this..and even can’t sleep over this ㅠㅠ This album is result of passion and hard work!! Just the remixing was done 7 times…

기타 세션 녹음중인 노민혁군…앞의 웨이!! 쌍둥이 열정은 정말 끝내준다..잠도 못자가며 ㅠㅠ 이번 앨범은 정말 많은 열정과 노력의 산물!! 믹싱만 7번을 거쳤으니…

ceo insta1

First time using a stabilizing tripod~! It’s really cool, but heavy…Anyways the twins subunit’s MV is done!! Ke Ke

처음 써본 짐벌~! 신기하지만 너무 무거워…어쨌든 쌍둥이 유닛 안무영상 촬영 완료!! ㅋㅋ

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