140927 Crayon Pop’s Facebook Translated

Crayon Pop’s Facebook announced they will be holding a contest for the guessing of Crayon Pop’s twin unit name on Facebook.

[Guessing Crayon Pop Unit Contest]

Please guess the name of Crayon Pop’s unit group comprised of identical twins ‘Choa’ and ‘Way’!

Please reply in the comments below to participate! The hint is in the photo~

You can submit more than one entry for the unit name. The first 20 winners will be given an autographed album of Crayon Pop’s unit group^^

The unit name will be announced on Monday, September 29 2:00pm. The contest will be held till shortly before the unit name is announced.

Thank you for your attention and participation ^^

[크레용팝 유닛명 맞추기 이벤트]
크레용팝 멤버 중 일란성 쌍둥이 ‘초아’와 ‘웨이’로 구성된 유닛 그룹의 이름을 맞춰주세요~!

참여방법은 본 게시물에 댓글로 유닛명을 적어주시면 됩니다! 힌트는 사진 속에 있습니다~

중복 참여 가능하며, 유닛명을 맞추신 분들 중 선착순 20분에게 크레용팝 유닛 앨범의 친필 사인 CD를 선물로 드립니다^^

유닛명 발표는 9월 29일 월요일 오후 2시입니다. 참여는 유닛명 발표 직전까지 가능합니다.

여러분의 많은 참여와 관심 부탁드립니다^^

The picture was taken in the GS25 convenience store near Chrome, where Soyul did her shopping in Crayon Pop TV – Mini Sports Meet.

CEO Hwang updated regarding the matter.

The audio mixing is done!! Till now there are 12 who have guessed the subunit group name correctly..!! Not bad ㄷㄷㄷ
믹스도 완료!! 지금까지 유닛 그룹명을 맞춘 사람은 12명..!! 대단할 따름 ㄷㄷㄷ


Source: Facebook, Instagram

  • Petron

    Oh, will it be a food related name?

  • Kid-Simple


  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Poop Well Apple Flavor. LOL

    • Paul

      LOLthats the first thing that popped into my head after seeing the photo

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Someone suggested Double Trouble on the unofficial FB. I like that one. Choco Milk or Ice Choco might work. Since Way is pointing at Choa’s hoodie, I hope it’s not Hoodie. LOL

    • apieth

      Omoooo.. Heodie?

  • NeonMoon

    White Chocolat, Choco & Creme..BingsuTwins…lol

  • georgeaspa

    What if it’s not a guessing contest…BUT RATHER A SUGGESTION CONTEST o_o CEO Hwang ran out of ideas and conceived this contest as a ploy to get us to think of a group name for the Twins Subunit! Diabolically genius!

    LOL jk 🙂 still suspicious tho…

    • NeonMoon

      NAH…the twins project has long been thought of and hatched by CEO..very sure he has the name close to his chest…just fun PR for their debut…building awareness..lol

    • that was what i was thinking & the correct guess turns out to be the best suggestion.. or they have a name already but some1 guessed a better name & they use it lol~ 🙂

  • Keldraco

    What I get from this picture are “black & white” and ” milk”

  • GBuster

    Shake…and Bake. Contest over.

  • Bob W

    My guess for subunit name is Oh Boy vitamin C BoyBoy Vitamins

  • Guest


  • Definitely something about ice chocolate milk

  • James America

    ChoWay, Chocolate Milk, Twins, Black and White, Candy Girls,

  • James America

    1+1, string cheese, hoodie, string cheese hoodie, candy twins, kissie face, Korean stuff on the grocery store shelf (KSOTGSS),

  • James America

    I like how it says in the text above that so far 12 people have guessed correctly but there are only 16 comments here and some are not even guesses. Where are all the other guesses, is there another message board where people are guessing?

    • touchthesky

      The comments here don’t count. There are more than 5,000 comments on the Facebook post.

  • Guessing

    1+1=2wins, 1ne1, buy1take1, yinyang, ChocoWay, MiLK

    • Guessing

      yes, I guessed half correctly!

  • lnwolf41

    “Black and white pop” or “white and black pop”. Or “double pop”

  • Geno

    The “Way + ChoA = WhoA” suggestion I read somewhere is a good idea…

    • Midd

      ChoA + Way = A-Way @ AWay ^_^

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Interesting, the picture above is a different studio than the one Hwangu gave us yesterday: http://crayonpop.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ceo-insta2.jpg That picture with Way is the Chrome studio I believe.