140926 Crayon Pop’s “C’mon C’mon” For “High School Love On” OST

Crayon Pop’s “C’mon C’mon” for ‘High School Love On’ OST has been released! Check it out below!

“C’mon C’mon” is a simple funky retro dance song that suits Crayon Pop well.
Fractal, the very person who came up with the mash up of Rain and Tae JinAh and
the first generation musician of electronica in Korea composed the song.

With simple but addictive rhythm and Crayon Pop’s cute and cunning vocals,
the song can be said as K-pop with new wave which is getting on the global trend
once more in these days. It’s a song that could be done only by Crayon Pop.

Update (28 Sept 2014 10:00am KST): Crayon Pop’s C’mon C’mon for the ‘High School Love On’ OST is slowly climbing up the charts on Melon.

Update (28 Sept 2014 11:00am KST): Currently at #52

  • Donnie G

    Love the beat. Sounds like the 80s. Awesome!

  • numetal_militia


  • that’s different to Crayon Pop style! but is a nice song!

  • Marcel Kockert

    omg I need it where can I buy it

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Absolutely love it!! That sounds like Geummi with a solo line from 0:47 to 0:54. 🙂

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    FYI, there are English captions, but you have to turn them on (the CC button).

  • GBuster

    How can you not love this.


  • NeonMoon

    reminds me of a touch of “itaewon freedom”….lol..so versatile and getting better everytime..can not wait for “TwinPop”

  • Geno

    What a stark contrast to Hey Mister’s beat, yet still feels similar for some reason. Sure, delay the album and get this song in there, damn it!

    • touchthesky

      It is distributed by LOEN Entertainment rather than Chrome/Sony, so there may be less of a chance of it being on the album.

  • marvin

    this has the feel of itaewon freedom, kinda 🙂

  • lnwolf41

    I enjoyed the song and video they made. I hope the song in part of their album.