140926 Crayon Pop members’ Instagram Translated

Like a competition, Soyul posts a cute video of her feeding you and herself patbingsu.

These days I’ve fallen for yogurt. I love yogurt bingsu~♡
요즘 난 요거트에 푹 빠졌어요 요거트빙수 사랑해~♡

Not to be defeated, Ellin is updating her Instagram at a more rapid pace too.

instagram ellin

King(-sized) ribbon Ing Ing..-0-* #crayonpop #ellin #Ellin #SelfSta #StuckInTraffic ㅜㅜing

왕리본달고 잉잉..-0-* #crayonpop #ellin #엘린 #셀스타 #차너무막혀 ㅜㅜ잉

Soyul is beginning to be really active on Instagram now with her posting a picture with the eldest Unnie, Geummi to form the Sogeum/Salt pairing.


♡Sogeum♡ I luv you~Dda Ri Sya Ba Ra

♡소금♡ 알랍뽕~따리샤바라

Ellin posted a video of piping hot soup which she’s enjoying with Way for lunch.

Having soup with Minseon.. Recently the both of us really love soup…ㅜ0ㅜ #BloodSausageSoup #PorkSoup #Delicacy

민써니랑 국밥 한그릇.. 요즘 둘이서 국밥에 빠졌다…ㅜ0ㅜ #순대국밥 #돼지국밥 #맛점


Just like the rest of us enjoying “C’mon C’mon”, Soyul is enjoying it too!

C’mon C’mon streaming~~~!

뜬뜬뜬뜬 뜨든뜬 스밍중~~~!

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