140925 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Geummi later tweeted the following, and also quickly mentioned that she didn’t change her hair color, and that it was due to the color adjustment done to the picture.


What are you up to, my fans>.<? I took a selca because I’m so happy to have received makeup from Regina~~ Hehe Going to work in a great mood today as well gogogo^^^+❤️  geummi

팬분들 뭐하세용>.<? 레지나 부원장님께 화장품 받고 신나서 셀카 찍어 올려용~~히히 오늘도 기분좋게 스케줄하러 고고고^^^+ ❤️  geummi

Ah I didn’t change the color ^^ Just adjusted the color >.<

아 색깔 바꾼건 아니구요^^
색보정해서 그런건뎅>.<


Choa tweeted revealing herself to be one of the subunit members.


Tada~ A surprise announcement! Crayon Pop’s subunit’s first member is me Choa ^^ I have been working hard for the subunit album. Please anticipate it~ Who’s the second subunit member? It will be revealed tomorrow!

짜잔~ 깜짝 발표! 크레용팝 유닛의 첫 번째 멤버는 저 초아입니다^^ 이번 유닛 앨범 최선을 다해 준비한 만큼 기대 많이 해주세용~ 그럼 다음 멤버는 과연 누굴까요? 내일 공개됩니다!

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