140925 Choa’s message on Choppa Fancafe

Choa had received a Choppa fandom-made magazine titled ‘Princess Choa’ (see some pages inside here), and left a heartfelt message titled ‘My Beloved Choppa’ for fans in the Choppa fandom.


My Choppa~~~Hello!!!~
How have you been????
We are slowly getting closer to autumn day by day
I especially miss our fans today~~~
Every time we change seasons, I have a flurry of feelings..!!! ^^
Yesterday the first thing was introducing myself as one of the subunit members
What does everyone think of it?!
I miss all the fans who are waiting for us everyday, and am happily preparing for the album!! Clenching my fist!!! Aja..!!!!!
Please wait a little while~!
I also wish our Choppa
will be prosperous and healthy~~~~
I love you all~everyday♡
Choppa magazine proof shot..! The magazine is great~!!! Choppa can do anything, all of you are capable people!!! Hoing Thank you all of you❤ It’s so precious~~

우리 초파~~~ 할룽!!!!
잘 지냈나요????
하루하루 가을이 다가오는 요즘
오늘은 우리 팬분들이 더더욱 생각나는 날입니다~~~
저는 이렇게 계절이 바뀌면 괜시리 설레이고 기분이 좋다는..!!! ^^
어제 저희 크레용팝 유닛 멤버로 저를 먼저 소개해 드렸는데어떠세요 우리 팬분들?!
저는 매일매일 기다려주시는 팬분들 생각하며 열심히 재밌게
앨범준비에 몰두하고 있어요 !!! 불끈..!!!아자잣..!!!!!
조금만 기다려주세요 ~!
우리 초파도
언제나 하시는일 잘 되시고
언제나 건강하기~~

초파일원분들께서 만들어주신 잡지 인증샷..! 진짜 재밌게 잘 봤어요~!!!초파는 못하는게 없엉 능력자들!!!힁감사합니다♥너무너무 소중해~~

Source: Choppa Daum Fancafe