140925 CEO’S Instagram Translated

Hwangu posted an instateaser, which I have to say… is pretty pointless, because we all know who it will be 🙂

Crayon Pop Unit!!! Coming soon~~
크레용팝 유닛!!! 커밍쑨~~~

  • Contrasting poker dots.. must be ChoA & Way~

    • :O Where is that gif from??? Is that a clip i haven’t seen before??? Impossible!

      • It’s from CPTV S2E2.

        • Hmm… seen that episode before… Guess It’s time to rewatch!!! :O

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Pointless teaser? Or is he faking us out and it will actually be Choa & Elgu?

    • Geno

      or even more surprising, ChoA and Gummi.