140922 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Geummi and Soyul posted on Twitter promoting their Chrome Family Concert in Japan.

Everyone~! We are going to Japan soon!! We are going to have a Chrome family concert^0^♡
I heard there will be Korean fans going too!! Right?
Or did I hear wrongly? No way He He He He He He
Please support us and cheer for us 333333
Love you jjok*

여러분~!곧있으면 저희 일본가요!!
크롬콘서트하러 ^0^♡
한국 팬분들도 온다던데!! 아닌가?
잘못들은건가?설마 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
많이많이 오셔서 기좀 팍팍 주33333
사랑해요 쪽

*Jjok is the sound of kissing

Kyaa~ Did you have a good evening?
Seriously, only a few days away~~ for the Chrome family concert!!!
I wish everyone would be able to participate in it and have a great time>.< I wish to meet you soon ♥︎geummi

캬~모두 좋은 저녁시간 보내고 계신가요? 진짜 얼마 안남았어요~~크롬 페밀리의 콘서트!!! 여러분들 많이 오셔서 함께 신나는 시간 가졌음 좋겠어요>.< 빨리 만나요♥︎geummi

Source: Twitter