140922 Crayon Pop at MU:CON Seoul 2014

Crayon Pop attended the 2014 Seoul International Music Fair press conference, also known as MU:CON this morning on 22 Sep 2014. They will be one of the performers for the music showcase held at MU:CON, together with approximately 45 other Korean/International teams. At least six of the local acts will be picked as recipients of the MU:CON Choice Program and get the chance to present their music at the world’s most renowned and more established music fairs, including SXSW in the U.S. and MIDEM in Europe.

MU:CON would happen from 6-8 Oct 2014 at Itaewon Blue Square. This is the 3rd year it is being organized. It aims for the expansion and development of Korean music abroad, promoting exchange between those involved in the music industry, and for business activation through the exchange of information.

Source: Review Star, Korean Herald