140918 Crayon Pop’s cameo on ‘The Idle Mermaid’

Watch the following clip where we see one of the main cast who is a closet Pop-Jussi join other (real) Pop-Jussis rush to mob Crayon Pop in this cameo in ‘The Idle Mermaid’. ‘Hey you jerk’ actress Choa naturally got a line in the episode, telling us to please wait for their upcoming album. Well played Chrome.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Love it!

  • That was funny!!

  • she seems disappointed to know he is a Pop-Jhussi? 🙁
    btw, what that fanchant mean?

    • They were shouting Choa’s fanchant. 촤 촤 일심(一心)초아! 배신은 죽음이다! [Chu-ah! x 2 Yil Sim Cho Ah! Bei Shi Nen? Cho Geumi Da]
      (Good! x2, One Heart (for) ChoA! Result of Betrayal? Death!)