140915 Crayon Pop Daum Update

Chrome staff, Alchangee posted the following picture of Choa titled “Opening Monday with Choa”.


Princess Choa

Source: Daum Fancafe

  • rdglde30

    HOW CUTE!!

  • PopjusshiG

    Choas’ a mom? When did this happen?
    Just kidding, adorable pic!

  • Mitchell Lim

    Admin, may I know which part of the cafe do you often find these staff’s posts?
    On the freeboard? Or is it on the notice?

    • Freeboard. Alchangee (올챙이) is the posters name on the board.

      • Mitchell Lim

        Found it!Thanks a lot!^^

  • Way Home

    So lovely choa ^^

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I’m guessing these are the nieces they went clothes shopping for in the Las Vegas CPTV.