140913 Crayon Pop at CBS concert

After the Chuseok holidays, Crayon Pop is back at their schedules. At the CBS Loving You Concert broadcast in Dongtan, the entire group is back out in force, with Geummi sporting a new blond hairstyle, and Ellin with a blond bridge. They performed their usual routine of ‘Uh-ee’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Bar Bar Bar’.

They also met with fans after the performance.

  • Sakurai Kei

    !Omg! Gummi! ♥

    • GBuster

      You mean Geummi…:P

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I wouldn’t have anticipated it, but Geummi looks pretty good with blonde hair. I still prefer that look she had when I first became a fan – long, dark brown with a light stripe of brownish blonde – but this is nice too. It’s like they take turns passing the colors around, who will be blonde this month?

  • Hovinalle

    Wow, Gummi! When I read Gummi has blond hair, wasn’t sure what to think of it. But that new hairstyle really fits her, she looks gorgeous.

  • Neonmoon

    They looked well rested..charged up..ready to go!

  • lnwolf41

    So glad Soyul is back and healthy.