140911 Crayon Pop as Sports Ambassadors for ‘Sports 7330 Campaign’

Crayon Pop will be appearing on a commercial film (CF) as sports ambassadors for the ‘Sports 7330 Campaign’, an advertising campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle.


The campaign promotes a half-hour work out at least 3 times a week. The studio shoot happened at Kookmin University.

Crayon Pop showed off their fresh charms, which is different from other girl groups with their healthy and unique image to the 30 other people in the cast.

CoolK is responsible for directing the CF, and Crayon Pop revealed themselves as CoolK’s fans. As a result they became close with the staff which livened up the shoot.


The CF will begin airing from November.

Source: Star Daily News

  • lnwolf41

    Well they have to be healthy to do those dance moves, They are not as easy as some think. Way to go ladies.