140907 Crayon Pop Comeback postponed to mid-October

We the staff at CrayonPop.me already knew about the postponing of the album about 1 month ago, but were waiting for official news to mention it to the fans. With no surprises, Crayon Pop has delayed their comeback to mid-October. Here is a short translation blurb for the article.

Girl group, Crayon Pop is changing the come back date. Crayon Pop was planning to to come back this month, but delayed it to mid October. Their representative said, “This is the first full album, so we’re working our hardest”, following up with “we are working on the details with an eye for quality” as explanation for the delay.

Previously having using helmets and bandanas and other unexpected themes to grab the attention of the masses, for Crayon Pop to come back with their unique music and performance, are working hard to “maintain the group’s uniqueness, and a different flavor”, according to a representative.

Crayon Pop’s popular songs, ‘Bar Bar Bar’, ‘Lonely Christmas’ and ‘Uh-ee’; what sorts of weird concept will they come back with?

Source: Starnews