140907 Crayon Pop Comeback postponed to mid-October

We the staff at CrayonPop.me already knew about the postponing of the album about 1 month ago, but were waiting for official news to mention it to the fans. With no surprises, Crayon Pop has delayed their comeback to mid-October. Here is a short translation blurb for the article.

Girl group, Crayon Pop is changing the come back date. Crayon Pop was planning to to come back this month, but delayed it to mid October. Their representative said, “This is the first full album, so we’re working our hardest”, following up with “we are working on the details with an eye for quality” as explanation for the delay.

Previously having using helmets and bandanas and other unexpected themes to grab the attention of the masses, for Crayon Pop to come back with their unique music and performance, are working hard to “maintain the group’s uniqueness, and a different flavor”, according to a representative.

Crayon Pop’s popular songs, ‘Bar Bar Bar’, ‘Lonely Christmas’ and ‘Uh-ee’; what sorts of weird concept will they come back with?

Source: Starnews

  • Disappointed, but not unexpected. I hope they can negotiate the rights to I Am Beautiful in the meantime; that’s a great song for them.

    • NeonMoon

      I am Beautiful definitely is a must..and swap out at least two older songs like Lonely XMas and Sat.Night..but hope they will launch another Christmas song for the holiday seasons…starting a CP tradition..Joyful Xmas songs always sell..i.e. White Christmas is the most sung song next to Happy Birthday…lol

  • apieth

    Not surprised, i even think they will postponing till November kekeke
    Gwenchana, i will wait ^^

  • PopjusshiG

    I’m not surprised at all, I think delaying is done on purpose in K-pop to raise anticipation. Soyul being sick would probably have delayed the release even if they where ready.
    On another note, they need to pay that fortune teller a visit and get some more of that good mojo working.

  • Way Home

    No problem we can wait 🙂

  • Hovinalle

    Good things are worth waiting for 🙂

  • GBuster

    With TaTiSeo and T-ara coming back this month, this is a good call from Chrome.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    When the tentative track list was released yesterday, I figured the album would be delayed. If the running order is just now being finalized, that means it still needs to be mastered and the CD artwork completed, then sent off to be pressed. So about a month sounds right.

  • georgeaspa

    With all the tragedy these days I’m not surprised. Their fellow girl group Ladies Code just had 2 members die and I can’t see Crayon Pop(or any girl group) promoting anything or attempting a comeback at this time.

    • Geno

      My thoughts, exactly.

    • Well of course T-ara is.

  • Guest
  • sammy

    I knew this. Anyone who knows about Chrome’s history should know that there would be at least 1 push back on the album release. That’s ok, I didn’t realize the ambition of the album until I saw a track list the other day. I think we will all be satisfied to an extent. Also, GBuster, I don’t think other groups coming back has anything to do with it. Mainly because Crayon Pop is unconventional in their promotions and they will promote their song for much longer than those other groups. I’ve been waiting for this for over 1 year now, I think I can wait a few extra weeks :-

  • NeonMoon

    Looks like CP might launch several new songs…esp the title track..in Chrome Family Concert in Japan on Oct. 4…didn’t they debut Uh-ee in Yokohama? Sept is very erratic..illness,.scandals, tragedies n several big name groups comebacks. Thorough planning, preparations and right timing is essential for marketing success..of CP first full album..so we r looking forward to smashin’ Oct..