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Chrome CEO Hwang is teasing fans with what looks like a proposed tracklist for the next full album from Crayon Pop! There are old tracks as well as 7 NEW tracks for a total of 15 songs. Take a look.

 Chuseok Special! Upcoming Crayon pop album track list (The number of asterisks do not reflect number of letters)

추석특집!! 크레용팝 정규앨범 예상 트랙 리스트 (별표 갯수는 글자수와 무관)


  1. Title Track – Ha****
  2. NEW – O****
  3. NEW – Better ****
  4. NEW – [Untitled]
  5. Bing Bing
  6. Dancing Queen
  7. Saturday Night
  8. 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar)
  9. 꾸리스마스 (Lonely Christmas)
  10. 어이 (Uh-Ee)
  11. 헤이 미스터 (Hey Mister from Trot Lovers OST)
  12. NEW – [Composed by ** of Crayon Pop]
  13. NEWish – 1,2,3,4 (Korean Ver)
  14. NEW – Lo****
  15. NEW – [3 Possible Songs]

I’m excited to hear the new songs and hope this releases soon!

Update (15 Oct 2014): It’s pretty clear that the 2nd track, 12th track, 15.1 and 15.3 tracks are ‘OK’, ‘Let Me Know’, ‘Feel So Good’ and ‘Hello’ respectively from Crayon Pop’s subunit, Strawberry Milk.

Source: CEO Hwang Instagram

  • adg127

    No ‘I’m beautiful’ ?…. 🙁

    • Mats Oldberg

      The “I´m Beatiful” and “The Road” composer cold not come to a settelment with Chrome.. so the songs where dropped.. A big set back I think.. The Girls need ballads and many more songs..

      • Chrome needs to cough up the cash for I’m Beautiful – it’s worth it, and would be a HUGE benefit to Crayon Pop. Damn, this is really depressing news.

        • It is for the best that I’m Beautiful isn’t on the album. Trust us.

          • Um, no trust happening. I’ve heard the song and it’s excellent. This is a huge loss.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            I like it too, but the rumor I heard was that it had the same problem as Lonely Christmas – it’s too similar to another song and could be accused of plagiarism. Unfortunately I haven’t heard what that other song is, and I’m not familiar enough with contemporary music in Asia to guess. On the other hand, they just performed it live in Taiwan, so it seems strange to keep it in the live show if they have no intention of releasing it.

          • PopjusshiG

            It seems to have a similar fate as 1234.

          • Performance videos of that song have been available for over half a year – nobody has come up with any credible accusation that I’ve ever heard of, so that sounds like b.s. to me. If it was true, people in the online forums would be all over it like they always are.

          • Kppp

            It’s this song by Halestorm, released in 2012.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            Thanks. That’s a pity, I like Crayon Pop’s version better, but now all their work has gone to waste. 🙁

        • tomas

          That song is awful.

  • Keldraco

    I wonder who is the composer of crayon pop…

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Way would seem like the obvious choice, since she recorded some of her own songs with N.Dolphin.

    • GBuster

      The songs? That would be Dumb and Dumber.

      • Taylor Simon

        They were talking about the one song that says “composed by ** of Crayon Pop”. It’s probably Way, since she is the only one we know that has experience composing.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Wouldn’t the title track be new too, since we don’t know what it is?

  • 12. ”NEW – [Composed by ** of Crayon Pop]”
    I guess it wld be Way 🙂

  • Donnie G


  • Why was the first thing I thought of for the title track was “High Five”? :3

  • NeonMoon

    WOW..Daebak!!!…15 songs..that’s more than a full album..Bonus!..Looking forward to the teasers..