140904 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Ellin just posted on Instagram the following. Someone should teach her the wonders of online shopping on Gmarket.

Finally bought the Sims 4>_<! To buy this rascal, I had to specially go all the way to Yongsanㅜㅜ I’ve been dying to buy the entire series…I’ll buy the rest of the kids next time~~~^_^* #sims3 #sims4 #sims #Yongsan

드디어 심즈4 샀당>_<! 요녀석들 구하려고 용산까지 갔다옴ㅜㅜ시리즈 다 사려다가 꾹꾹 참는다고 죽는줄 알았네…담에 다른녀석들도 데릴러가야징~~~^_^* #sims3 #sims4 #sims #용산

Source: Instagram

  • georgeaspa

    El-gamer :3 hehe

  • h4iumb1

    I guess she wanted to play it today and not wait for the delivery ;). Nice that she has the time to drive to Yongsan for some shopping. BTW playing Sims is so Ellin-like, isn’t it? 😀

  • A Sketchbook

    Well actually I think that this is not a suitable timing to post some casual SNS due to Ladies’s Code’s tragedy….Of course it’s not her fault nor she should feel guilty about it but….crayon pop should show some pathetic or mourn for EunB, well at least not posting some happy articles or Instagram photos, be silence and show some respect for a few days…
    I don’t know if this have to do with Chrome Entertainment or any other reasons but…argh…I don’t know…
    What are Crayonpop.me admins and other fans point of view of this?

    • PopjusshiG

      I’m sure Ellin has feelings for what happened and in no way is being disrespectful on purpose. What you should be more upset about is the failure of so many of these companies not making their acts wear seat belts., don’t know if Ladies Code had them on or not? I’ve seen so many vids of groups traveling not wearing them (including Crayon Pop) that it seems to be the norm. This seems idiotic to me, so much invested in these groups and as much traveling as they do, put em on! Chrome are you listening?

      • Drakis07

        i agree Company and even the gouvernement must revise the safety system to protect their artists from accident like that. Like the seatbelt laws. Here in Canada we got very very strict laws about that and people get big penalty like someone can lose their licence if they are caught driving with not seatbelt here.

    • Drakis07

      Even thought i’m not a Ladies Code fan i was shocked, sad and heartbreaking when i’ve heard the news, but even how sad the tragedy is, lot of people die in car accident each year too and life go on after the pain and the rain must come the sun. I’m sure that Ellin intention was not to disrespect EunB dead or mourning by showing happy stuff. Maybe it was her way to cheer her-self up and others around her and the fans.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      This was Ellin’s personal Instagram, not something official like the group’s Twitter…but perhaps that’s a distinction without a difference. I was personally happy to see it, and didn’t find it disrespectful. The group has been relatively quiet in the run-up to the album release, and with Soyul’s illness on top of that and the tragedy of LC unfolding over the past couple days, it’s nice to see some normalcy for a change (or as normal as Ellin ever gets).
      The Ladies Code situation is truly heartbreaking, and as PopjusshiG mentioned, we’ve seen videos of Crayon Pop traveling without seat belts too…which leads me to thoughts too horrible to contemplate. I do hope that something positive will come out of this and it will serve as a wake-up call.

    • cp_whaiting

      you’re placing too much thought into this. Ellin wasn’t being disrespectful.

    • Keldraco

      U can’t judge anyone by that. Many people pass away every second around the world and many babies are born at the sametime. It sad but that just how it works…

  • numetal_militia

    That’s why Elgu is so sool :))))

  • Amo

    Ellin is my hero <3

  • NeonMoon

    In the case of LC tragic accident..it’s so strange how the back wheel broke off like that..has it been tampered with?? That rental van probably does not have seat belts in the rear seats…I agree with stricter law requiring mandatory use of seat belts..esp. knowing that S.Korea is the #2 in the world with traffic incidences..Chrome should enforce seat belt rules for all their members!

    On a different note, it’s Chuseok holiday on the 8th, a traditional Korean 3 days holiday when they all go home to their families, feast and pay respect to their ancestors…Ellin must have bought those games for her siblings to enjoy together..Hope Soyul is well now, too..so she can also enjoy the holiday with her family..