140903 Crayon Pop at KFIU strike

Crayon Pop (sans Soyul again) performed at the Korean Financial Industry Union 9.3 strike in the Mokdong Sports Complex in western Seoul.


South Korean financial workers staged their first strike in 14 years on Wednesday to protest the government’s pressure on the local finance sector to cut welfare and restructure.

Financial workers last week voted in favor of the strike with an overwhelming 91 percent of the union’s 100,000 members approving the move, reflecting disenchantment with the authorities’ handling of recent controversial issues.

Source: Wikitree, camelot1, Yonghap News

  • Amo

    I’m quite worried about our Soyul :S Stay strong!!

  • rdglde30

    Do kpop groups normally get involved in politics?

    Soyul – get better soon we miss you!!

  • NeonMoon

    Hope we get to see and hear from Soyul and the rest on radio show tmr…a sign of recovery and nothing too serious..awaiting updates on their full album debut..

  • Way Home

    Hope Soyul is ok. Fighting!