140830 Crayon Pop at CBS Loving You Concert

Crayon Pop (sans Soyul since she was sick) was at CBS’ Loving You Concert on 30 Aug 2014 at Gyeonggi-do, Hwaseong-si. They performed ‘Uh-ee’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Bar Bar Bar’. Hidden card, Ellin did some of Soyul’s dancing portions as a replacement.

To those worried about Soyul, word on DCinside, according to H. Yankey, leader of Haebaragi, said that she is currently hospitalized for Enteritis, presumably due to something she ate in China.

hisblue76 (험하게컸다)




Tae Eon
Uh-ee (Geummi)

Dancing Queen (Way)

Bar Bar Bar (Choa)

Uh-ee (Way)

Dancing Queen (Choa)

Bar Bar Bar (Way)

Crayon Pop also held a handshake fanmeet after the concert. Fans reminded them that today was their 1 year anniversary of winning on Music Bank. (Clearly, Way had tried to repress those memories after breaking the trophy).

Also Crayon Pop met PRITZ, a new girl group that has been marketing in a very similar way as early Crayon Pop, and took a group picture.


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