140825 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

As Choa prepared to return to Korea, she tweeted to thank the fans from overseas. The ice mango in Choa’s hand was one of the food support items the Taiwanese fans prepared for Crayon Pop.


[ChoA★]Thanks to the fans of China and Taiwan, I enjoyed a happy and blissful weekend♥︎
I am so happy to see you, thank you^ㅡ^
Because my school classes are beginning today, I need to return to Korea firstㅠㅠ!
I’m about to board the plane. I will come again^.~Thank u♡

[ChoA★]중국,대만 팬여러분,우리 팬분들 덕분에 정말 즐겁고 행복한 주말 보냈어요♥︎정말 반가웠고 고마워요^ㅡ^저는 오늘 학교 개강이라 먼저 한국에 갑니다ㅠㅠ!이제곧 탑승해요 또올게요^.~Thank u♡

Source: Twitter