140825 Crayon Pop’s SNS Translated

Crayon Pop’s Way just tweeted thanking fans from the various countries.


To the fans of China and Taiwan, I was so happy and grateful to see you all.
Although it was a short period of time, but I was touched by your love♥︎♥︎♥︎
See you again!
Thank you to those fans who welcomed us back
Only because of you, do we exist!!!
Love you^___^ The picture is from a few days ago^^ㅎ -WAY-

중국,대만팬분들 너무 반갑고 감사했어요.짧은시간이었지만 당신들의 사랑에 감동♥︎♥︎♥︎다음에 또만나요!마중나와주신 울팬들도 정말 고마워요 여러분이있기에 제가있어요!!!사랑해요^___^사진은 며칠전^^ㅎ-WAY-

Ellin also posted a thank you note with a video of her in Korea, showing off her sick glowing shoes.

Arrived in Korea!! Thank you to all the fans who welcomed me back~~^^* #ellin #엘린 #crayonpop #공항 #울팬들짱 #simulation #시뮬레이션

한국 도착!! 공항에 마중나와주신 팬분들 고마워요~~^^* #ellin #엘린 #crayonpop #공항 #울팬들짱 #simulation #시뮬레이션

Source: Twitter, Instagram