140818 CEO’s Instagram Translated

CEO Hwang posted the following hinting at a duet between Soyul and a mysterious male singer, although we do see someone who looks like Mingu from Zan Zan in the background. Who do you think the mysterious male singer is?

Today is the day Soyul records a duet song (the male singer is a secret)~!!
오늘은 소율이 듀엣곡(남자 가수는 비밀) 녹음날~!!


CEO Hwang also answered a few questions.

  1. The twins have finished their recording.
  2. Soyul’s duet will be a regular track song, and the genre is not trot.

Source: Instagram

  • Geno

    Why not trot? Soyul is a trot princess or something.

    • aknite

      They’re still making a name for themselves as a group so it’s not the right time for one to go solo. Hong Jin Young is really the only young female trot singer that’s popular so Soyul could very well make a name for herself with a trot single in the future.

  • Berzerius

    NOOOOOO! … I mean Yesss! Dammit Soyul. I wanna hear your song but damn that guy whoever he is.

    • damn him… hahaha! jk

  • Amo

    DUETU PLEASU! Minus…3.. uh never mind.

  • NeonMoon

    CEO is keeping things even for the 3 divas in the group..(Soyul is the maknae, but the first chosen for CP, whereby the twins have proven they can duet) ..equal time so no one feels left out..Gummi is the invisible leader and such a positive outlook (older, wiser n the girls look up to her) n Ellin, ah, she’s the hidden card..lol..Still feel they should remix “Road” n have the girls sing this awesome ballad no..