140817 Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar remix in Historical Drama

The Three Musketeers (삼총사) a Korean Sageuk drama starring Lee Jin-wook, Jung Yong-hwa, Yang Dong-geun, and Jung Hae-in aired its pilot episode on 17 Aug 2014 and a familiar tune was played in the drama.

Catch it below! What do you think about this traditional Korean music remix?

Source: Newsen

  • Stan Baker

    and here I was thinking reaching back to Trot was retro.

  • Sovegon

    Like it!

  • numetal_militia


  • PopjusshiG

    I liked it.

  • Hovinalle

    That was… different. But I liked it.

  • Donnie G

    Seems like a serious drama. I wonder who said, “hey let’s use Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar in the background for this scene!” lol. Glad to see CP’s popularity expanding!

    • ^ This lol… I wonder if the guy who suggested it got a raise or fired for it and then they decided to roll with it anyways lol

  • Berzerius

    Needs Moar Jumping!