140812 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Way just updated fans on Twitter that they have been recording for their new album. Are you as excited as us?

Hello fans♥︎ how are you?
I’m currently recording^_^
Recently recordings are all at night.
It’s like day and night has been switched ㅡ ㅠ Hing HeHe
I believe most of you are about to go to sleep~~?
Here’s wishing everyone a happy end to the day. Sweet dreams♡♥︎♡♥︎ -WAY-

우리팬여러분♥︎잘지내구있어요? 저는 녹음중이랍니다^_^ 요즘 밤에 녹음하느라 밤낮이 바뀌어 버렸어용 ㅡ ㅠ 힝 ㅎㅎ 여러분은 곧 꿈나라롱~~? 오늘하루도 마무리 잘하시고 좋은꿈꿔요♡♥︎♡♥︎ -WAY-

Source: Twitter