140804 SBS Morning Wide Choa & Way Interview

As some fans might know, Crayon Pop’s Choa and Way are high school dropouts (although they have since passed their general education diplomas and are currently attending university). In this SBS Morning Wide segment, Way talks about her experience dropping out of high school and gives advice to students.

  • I can’t wait to view the subbed video of this.. (i hope there will be) haha! 🙂

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    It always struck me as strange that they dropped out, I’d like to know why. They’re both pretty sharp, in fact I thought that if there’s a deep thinker in Crayon Pop, Choa would be the best candidate. Was it adolescent rebellion then? Poverty? Dysfunctional family life?

  • numetal_militia

    Woah. So curious of what Way said :S