140723 Crayon Pop on Two Man Show Ep. 1

This Crayon Pop show’s air date was missed by both Korean and international fans. They had appeared on a show with 2 comedians/hosts along with G.low from K-much. As a result of missing the airdate, the quality is relatively low.

  • h4iumb1

    Funny show – Ellin wearing G.lows jacket on the second set, PD loves Crayon Pop 🙂

    • Guest

      lol and her tripping over the kid 🙂 classic elgu

  • Amo

    Thanks for the good find! Our wish for Crayon Pop to appear on many variety shows has certainly come true! And they haven’t let us down what so ever! 🙂

  • p-trom2

    hahaha the twins shirts are hilarious. they must know what playboy is but i wonder if any of them know the definition of snob. lol priceless