140722 Crayon Pop Twitter Translated


Crayon Pop comic book release preview! It is based on true stories^^
크레용팝 만화책 출시예고! 실화를 바탕으로 구성되었습니다^^


Gagayong Pop..!!
가가용팝..!! #ladygaga #CrayonPop

Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2

  • GBuster

    That is pretty cool that Lady Gaga’s name is printed on the back of the uniform given to her by the group.

  • Where can I get that comic book? >_<

    • Neonmoon

      The start of anime legend..lol

  • Amo

    Damn it! I was starting a Crayon Pop comic book series. Now people might think I’m a copy cat :S

    Hooray for meeting Gaga and joining her on stage!! Hope she wears the outfit and posts photos 😀

  • numetal_militia

    That comic book is the cutest thing ever.

    • I agree! 🙂

  • Neonmoon

    Just awesome!!! LGaga with the girls…is that marvel comics???…lol

    • GBuster

      Crayon Pop will be in Avengers: Age of Ultron 😛

  • Neonmoon

    Gaga yong pop came through for Crayon pop…doing swine pop together..too..oink, uh-ee, uh-ee’ting!!

  • I knew it, they are Super Saiyans!!! Watch out Frieza!