140722 Crayon Pop Fanmeet Photos

Here are some of the photos our photographing team took (More to be released soon)! Enjoy!

[AFG_gallery id=’1′]

Thanks to Daniel, asiaki and KevPH.

  • Alex

    I think there are maybe 3 or 4 that are actually in focus. Whatever lens/body combo didn’t deal very well with the low lighting situation. Do you guys want help editing the next batch? I’m attaching some pics I took from the fanmeet.

    • Katrina Hill

      Alex Thank you so much for the Photo’s you are a photographer god 🙂

  • vericon

    Thank you for sharing these pictures and for hosting the event that allowed them to be taken. You guys are all my heros for allowing me to meet these girls.

  • not sure how or why but Way is becoming prettier… kekeke =)

    • Rob B

      Not becoming. Always has been 🙂

  • ufdjs .

    guys thanks for sharing and posting your experience with the girls! 2 thumbs up to y’all! – djICEremix