140721 Crayon Pop At Lady Gaga’s Los Angeles Concert

Crayon Pop opened Lady Gaga’s artRAVE concert in Los Angeles at the Staples Center tonight. The fan reactions for them seemed very good. We congratulate the girls for another successful show but it also means there’s only 1 more show left tomorrow and then they go back home.

The fanchants were much better this time since we had 7 CrayonPop.me fans/staff shouting the fanchants. We obtained a lot of fan service from Crayon Pop. Fancams will be uploaded as soon as possible.

  • NeonMoon

    CP’s helmets over Staples Center..so profound.(they came, they saw, they conquer).LA crowd scanty..why is it you have concerts on Monday & Tuesday in LA?..rush hr. traffic..not good for opening act..just hoping they have a larger crowd for their finale tomorrow..UH-ee’ting!x3

    • Unfortunately Gaga has two opening acts with CP being the first. This means they perform nearly two hours before Gaga takes the stage, and only the super Gaga fans are at the venue that early. The second opener gets to play for a near-full crowd, which is why I wish CP were the second openers as opposed to the first. Then again, I guess it makes sense since the second opener is Lady Starlight, Gaga’s best friend.

      • NeonMoon

        Caught a glimpse of Lady Starlight…an hour of Zzzzzz..boring..maybe done mainly to setup the crowd for the finale…LadyG!

        • WilliamBlake

          I’ve been regularly checking reactions of Gaga fans on Twitter this past month because of Crayon Pop, and if there’s one thing I can say for certain it’s that 99 % of her fans absolutely HATE having to sit through Lady Starlight’s sh!t. lol

          • Neonmoon

            Let’s hope CP has a heart warming fan meet tmr b4 their final show..disappointed did not to see LadyG with the girls…

  • Donnie G

    Wow time flew by!!! They are leaving this week. :*(