• Admins in CPTV.. Great job!!!

  • crayonpopper

    why video not working to me

    • WilliamBlake

      I can’t see the video either, but my guess is that it might be this one from CEO Hwang’s Instagram, since there seem to be two fans in red & light blue track suits way in the back: http://instagram.com/p/qq2zWzhO1S/

      • Katja

        Yes, it is the video from CEO Hwang’s Instagram.

  • PopjusshiG

    Great to hear ceo is filming!

  • GBuster


  • Drakis07

    I can see that some Crayon pop fans are very shy to hide their faces in pics lol.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Did Ellin recognize CK from the KMF show?

    • Administrator

      Nope 🙁

  • Hoàng Nam

    why do they wear a mask ? admin 🙁

    • Administrator

      Don’t want to get too much attention to ourselves from Korea or to be recognized..=p

      • Hoàng Nam

        Oh, they want hide them face when take a photo with idols ? what a pity !

  • Donnie G


  • wollapop

    waaa awesome sauce.. ive reiterated this b4.. and will do so again.. but if only Hwangu were there the entire trip.. it just feels more relaxed, and less like a business trip (lol) with him there.. the girls and of course the staff seem to be more comfortable to go out more to sightsee and enjoy their time in each city between concerts

  • wow! Just Awesome!! 😀
    I wonder how the sausages taste like?
    Oh, can we see the 2nd anniversary message book?

  • Amo

    Handsome young fellows and lady! + good to finally get a cameo on CPTV. So amazing that they could hear your fan chants, which we all know you have been studying hard to perfect. Hard work truly pays off. It’s the YongPop way of course! Hopefully this will be the first of many fanmeets for you guys! 🙂

  • wr srhy

    so happy for you guys, this is awesome)