140716 Crayon Pop’s appearance in “Taming of Bob Girl’s”

In the third episode of Bob Girl’s debut show, “Taming of Bob Girls” (similar to Crayon Pop’s “Colorful Growth Diary”), Crayon Pop made a short cameo in it.

  • Oh Yiiissss! Two of my favorite girl groups!

  • GBuster

    Looking forward to the full interview.

    • NeonMoon

      They are benefiting from all the ground work laid from CP…I don’t see them doing guerrillas, hitting the streets months on end, really going thru up teen rejections…suddenly they have a reality show on MBC??? hope they learn from their sundaes..that “easy come, easy goes”…it just makes me appreciate Crayon Pop so much more..

  • I still dont know Bob girls names but I will… took me a week to memorise YongPop names lol..

    • Yujeong – The one always eating
      Jina – The one that sounds like she’s always aegyo-ing (lol)
      Dahye – Who doesn’t know who she is? (the blonde one)
      Danbi – The one with short hair