140712 Lady Gaga launches the career of Crayon Pop!

The French site, melty.fr released an article about Crayon Pop, here is a translated version of the article.

Although Lady Gaga has plenty of faults, she can be altruistic just as much. The young singer decided to help a young K-pop group to launch their career.  For this young group, opening for Lady Gaga is a gift from heaven!

Even though Lady Gaga recently made herself out to be Metallica by posting a false photo on Facebook, she has been mostly forgiven.  After all, you can’t blame her for wanting to exaggerate the number of spectators, since you know she’s actually helping a young group launch themselves musically. In fact, the young Korean group Crayon Pop, who knew crazy success with their song “Bar Bar Bar”, from now on has a springboard to launch their career forward.  It was recently confirmed that the young group is opening for Lady Gaga during her ArtRave tour.  As you can expect, the group will become the center of interest of many fans of our favorite diva, with an enormous gain in popularity!  On June 27th, the K-pop group had their first concert with Lady Gaga in Milwaukee.  It’s only the beginning of their success because Crayon Pop is part of at least (sic) 15 concerts.  These 5 very cute Korean girls haven’t stopped conquering fans!

During a recent interview, Ellin, one of the members of Crayon Pop, confided: “It’s really incredible to be on tour with Lady Gaga.  We were fans of Lady Gaga from a young age.  In an interview, we confessed that we wanted to collaborate with her.  And now here we are, a dream became reality.”  Not only did their dream become reality, but more, as the road to success has just opened up, from the group’s representative: “The members were leaving for another city after the Lady Gaga concert in Montreal, and they wanted to stop the bus to meet fans.  They signed autographs and took photos with fans.”  There we have an extremely promising beginning for this young Korean group!  It’s only a question of time before these 5 young girls can transform themselves into mermaids on stage like Lady Gaga. What do you think of this young group?

Translation Credit: sammo_cat

Source: melty.fr