140712 Crayon Pop’s SNS Translated

CEO Hwang posted a picture on his instagram showing the birthday party the members had with the twins. This time, we finally get to see Choa’s face too.

Twins Birthday Party!!
쌍둥이 생일 파티!!twin party

Unfortunately, it seems the birthday girl didn’t have everything run smoothly

We missed the plane:( Killing time for the next 5 hours!!! So bored!!!! What are you all doing??? Maybe still dreaming~~~~ -WAY-
비행기 놓쳐버렸어요:( 5시간 때우기중 !!! 심심해요오옷!!!! 다들 뭐하구 계시나용??? 아직 꿈나라시려나~~~~ -WAY-

[ChoA★]July 12th ! Thank you to all those that wished us, ChoaWay twins, a happy birthday~>_<Alabong (I love you)♥︎

[ChoA★]7월12일 ! 저희 초아웨이 쌍둥이 생일을 축하해주신 모든여러분 고맙습니다~>_<알라봉♥︎


[ChoA★]Last night’s scenery in Chicago+_+ Isn’t it pretty
[ChoA★]어젯밤 시카고 야경+_+ 예쁘죵

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