140711 Lady Gaga’s opening band Crayon Pop performs on WGN

The first Chicago-based US media report on Crayon Pop since Crayon Pop began their opening tour for Lady Gaga has been released with Crayon Pop performing their Bar Bar Bar routine. Watch their performance here!

Some behind the scene pictures were also shared. Check them out below!

Source: WGN Web Desk, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

  • GBuster

    Sweet, finally some US media.

  • poppincrayon

    typical badassery.

  • Neonmoon

    Bar Bar Bar MV going to break 20 million on youtube..what a big plug for Crayon Pop..catching the tailwind heading west!!!

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    For those who might not know, WGN is known as a “superstation”, a local station that provides a regional or national programming feed. Some cable providers have it as part of their basic cable packages even here in LA. This is not quite network exposure for the girls, but it’s close.

  • BunnyMECH

    Hopefully more to come!

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    1st time I see YongPop holding Mic in Barx3 & host compared them to The Beatles!
    0:59 Mic switch by Choa & Way ”Keu Rae Yong Pop” =P

  • Russ

    I like ’em.
    They kinda remind me of an early Devo.