140710 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Who else but Crayon Pop’s Wedge (Way+dwaeji(pig)) would post a picture of ramyun on Twitter?

After an 11 hour drive we arrived in Chicago. We’ve only had the complimentary breakfast (I think that’s what its called) and snacksㅜ but found an instant noodle in the carrier. I’m tearing up in happiness.. (actually I choked eating it quickly ㅠ) it is delicious;) hehe I hope you have a great lunch too♥︎♡-WAY
11시간걸쳐 시카고 도착했어요. 조식먹고 과자이런거밖에 못먹었는데 ㅜ캐리어에 숨어있던 컵라면발견했어요. 행복해서 눈물이나요.. (사실 급하게먹다 사레가ㅠ)꿀맛입니다;)헤헤 여러분도 맛있는 점심하기용♥︎♡-WAY

Source: Twitter