140709 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Just before Lady Gaga’s concert in Toronto, Choa tweeted the following

[ChoA★]I’m a Queen!!!
Everyone~~ The Toronto performance will beginn soon!
It’s morning in Korea right?? Good morning~^^*

[ChoA★]나는 여왕이다!!!
여러분~~ 토론토에서 공연이 곧 시작 됩니다!
한국은 아침이죵?? 굿모닝~^^*

[ChoA★]M e ~ rong! Pee kaboo!!!
[ChoA★]ㅁ ㅔ~ 롱! ㄲ ㅏ꿍!!!

choa 3

After their performance, Geummi posted on their Twitter account to update us.

We also finished the Toronto performance well~~~~! ㅋㅋ I saved some for breakfast while having dinner just now>.< huhu have a great lunch and make sure to watch Celeb live in my house:)

오늘 토론토 공연도 무사히 끝내고 왔습니다아앙~~~~! ㅋㅋ아까 저녁 먹으면서 아침 먹을꺼 챙겨 왔네요>.< 흐흐 울 팬분들 맛난 점심 드시구여 이따 연예인이 산다 본방사수해염:) geummi


Today in Toronto!
We came across our fans on the way to the hotel after the concert!
I was so surprised and it felt great Thank you for supporting us^-^* I still haven’t gotten accustomed to the jet lag I’ve slept less than 6 hrs in 3 days…
오늘은 토론토!
공연을 마치고 숙소가는길에 우연히 마주친 팬분!
너무 깜짝놀라고 너무기분이좋았습니다♡완전대박 신기ㅠㅠ!
감사합니다 응원해주셔서^-^* 저 아직도 시차적응이안되요ㅠ삼일동안6시간도못잤다는…

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