140709 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Just before Lady Gaga’s concert in Toronto, Choa tweeted the following

[ChoA★]I’m a Queen!!!
Everyone~~ The Toronto performance will beginn soon!
It’s morning in Korea right?? Good morning~^^*

[ChoA★]나는 여왕이다!!!
여러분~~ 토론토에서 공연이 곧 시작 됩니다!
한국은 아침이죵?? 굿모닝~^^*

[ChoA★]M e ~ rong! Pee kaboo!!!
[ChoA★]ㅁ ㅔ~ 롱! ㄲ ㅏ꿍!!!

choa 3

After their performance, Geummi posted on their Twitter account to update us.

We also finished the Toronto performance well~~~~! ㅋㅋ I saved some for breakfast while having dinner just now>.< huhu have a great lunch and make sure to watch Celeb live in my house:)

오늘 토론토 공연도 무사히 끝내고 왔습니다아앙~~~~! ㅋㅋ아까 저녁 먹으면서 아침 먹을꺼 챙겨 왔네요>.< 흐흐 울 팬분들 맛난 점심 드시구여 이따 연예인이 산다 본방사수해염:) geummi


Today in Toronto!
We came across our fans on the way to the hotel after the concert!
I was so surprised and it felt great Thank you for supporting us^-^* I still haven’t gotten accustomed to the jet lag I’ve slept less than 6 hrs in 3 days…
오늘은 토론토!
공연을 마치고 숙소가는길에 우연히 마주친 팬분!
너무 깜짝놀라고 너무기분이좋았습니다♡완전대박 신기ㅠㅠ!
감사합니다 응원해주셔서^-^* 저 아직도 시차적응이안되요ㅠ삼일동안6시간도못잤다는…

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  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    A few days ago I was checking info on the Toronto show, and there were still quite a few tickets available; but today the show is sold out. The Air Canada Centre holds just shy of 20,000 in concert configuration, so that will be a nice-sized crowd. 🙂

    • Neonmoon

      If just half shows up for the opening act…that’s 10,000, still a great number…
      UH-ee’ting! Poor Soyul..6 hrs. of sleep in 3 days…better catch some ZZZZ..you r only half way through..UH-ee’ting again!

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        By the time she’s used to North American time, it will be time to go home. Then it will take another month to get used to SK time.
        Chicago is next on Friday, I suspect they’re taking the tour bus. That’s a ten-hour drive from Toronto, hopefully the girls and Soyul can sleep on the bus. Then three dates in Texas.

        • GBuster

          Surprised she didn’t take advantage of that 5-day break after the Montreal show. Must have been partying those 5 days with Geummi.

  • noskire32

    Wow Choa looks even prettier! <3

  • caizen

    That is a really killer photo set of choa or way.

    • GBuster

      That is Choa.

    • caizen

      I mean for guessing choa or way. Huhu

  • kjmantis

    Choa getting some good rest as she has no dark circles to cover with make-up. And this is even more obvious when you look at Soyul’s dark circles confirming her lack of sleep. Poor Soyul!