140709 Crayon Pop Toronto Mini-fanmeet

Despite their tight schedule, Crayon Pop made time before their Toronto performance on the 9 July 2014 to meet their Toronto fans. During the short meet, fans had the opportunity to greet, chat, shake hands, get autographs and take photos with the members of Crayon Pop.

Although the meeting was not as organized as it could have been because the preparation was short on time, Crayon Pop and the Chrome staff were very patient and understanding. Each of the Crayon Pop member patiently took their time to greet everyone and pose to take photos.

The meeting was concluded with handing of gifts that some fans prepared and Crayon Pop headed their way back to their rooms in preparation for their Lady Gaga performance. Just before heading back, the members made sure to say bye and thanked the fans that showed up to the meeting.

Group pic

It was a great experience for the fans in Toronto and everyone appreciated that Crayon Pop allocated their time for only a handful of fans.

We would like to thank Crayon Pop and the Chrome staff for their time and also the fans that showed up to show support. We hope they enjoyed their stay in Toronto.

  • GBuster

    Good on the girls to make time for their international fans.

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    I see Way’s Belly Button… =P

    • Bellybutton

      Really, TinPeiLingFan? Way is getting fat, and Tin Pei Ling, the last time we saw her, we could be wrong, but she’s expecting, by the looks of it.

      • expecting what?

  • moonshineluv

    They are so lucky!! They didn’t do anything for the boston show. 🙁 But I am glad that they got to meet them. Though I am pretty happy with the fan service I got from them. Alot of waves, smiles and heart signs.

    • wollapop

      that is freaking awesome.. a lot of these cities are fortunate that they are scheduled later on their tour where YongPop and staff are more comfortable in scheduling and maneuvering between concerts..likewise the fans too have just a bit more time to organize such events and take tips and notes from previous cites via this site.. cities like AC and Boston were like test sites.. though all that being said I consider myself more than fortunate too have seen them live in NJ

      • Kat CrazyRevy

        Wish we had thought of seeking them out in AC there where quite alot of us CP fans at that concert too.

        • wollapop

          yea i know.. to be honest the only thing i regret was not being more proactive in their arrival.. i know they arrived to AC from Philly via tour bus, but apparently they FLEW IN from Milwaukee to Philly!! considering the amt of time to drive the distance vs flying I kinda had a hunch that they would but i just wasnt sure of the times, and just sat and waited for confirmation from someone and then all of a sudden Choa tweets a picture of them at the airport around noon.. I should’ve just parked myself at the arriving gate (how many flights from Milwaukee airport to Philly could their be?? STUPID ME ARGHHHH) .. we only learn from our errors.. maybe next time?? one could only hope.. fingers crossed!!

  • Drakis07

    I’m happy for the Toronto fans and i’m happy that lot of international fans like me in Montreal got the chance to meet the girls.
    It’s so worth it and the girls are so nice and friendly even with international fans. I will say it: that the gods bless Crayon Pop and the girls because they are angels of healing and happiness for us Sketchbooks and Pop-jhussi. 🙂