140707 Chrome Ent signs Label contract with Sony Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment has revealed on the 7th that they have reached a label contract agreement with Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

A ‘label’ refers to a professional company which finds and contracts new artist and produces their own unique music. This label contract is a step up from the strategic partnership they had previously. This also means that Chrome Entertainment has become an affiliated enterprise of Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

Representative director of Sony Music Entertainment Korea, Jung Kyuho said in anticipation “We aim to accelerate the entry into the international music industry by obtaining competitive contents from Chrome Entertainment.”

Chrome Entertainment CEO, Hwang Hyunchang explained ambitiously, “As a result of this contract, it’s become possible to produce albums for artists under other companies. We will be distributing various music of different genres and concepts, not only for our own artists, but other external artists as well.”

Source: Star MK Korea

  • Donnie G


  • noskire32

    I am so happy from Chrom Ent! 😀

  • GBuster



    • How do you figure? Doesn’t this just make them busier with less time to shoot and edit vids like the epic gif you have above? lol

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    idc, Sony you just dont mess with CEO Hwang’s creativity ok!!!

  • eric

    This is not what it seems.The statement more or less says that Hwang is operating as a talent scout for Sony in Korea to target acts from any label and to get them produced on Sony.
    It looks as if Sony will be spending money on these acts to a point and then if they fail to produce the goods they will be taken off contract and then the whole process will start again.For Hwang it seems the money to be made is in being the talent scout and the middle man.It also means that Hwang does not have to keep pouring money into his enterprises and may well become Sonys Music connection in Korea ,payed by Sony.
    In the end Hwang may have a career for himself but the writing is on the wall for the groups under the Chrome banner as Sony will not carry the load for ever.