140707 CEO’s Instagram Translated

CEO Hwang was chatting with Choa over her impending drama debut (11 July) on ‘High School – Love on’ in the initial screenshots

He also showcased some pictures of the fansigning Crayon Pop had with some Buffalo fans.

So cute!!


A meeting with American Pop-Jhussi!!
미국 팝저씨와의 만남!!


Dagachi (All together), One!!
따까치 원!!


Photobombing Soyul ㅋㅋㅋ
깨알같은 소율이 ㅋㅋㅋ


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  • I think that one guy is Gaga’s drummer. I swear if Gaga doesn’t get a picture with the girls, I’ll be pissed.

    • She already did…. twice… on this website alone lol.

      You probably didn’t recognize her without her Lady Gaga set up though lol

      • Oh hun, I’ve been a mega fan of Gaga for over five years now so I know what she looks like outside of her usual garb. 😛 Those pictures were of her backup dancers, not her… unless I’m missing something.

        • Lemme see if I can dig it up somewhere lol

          • WilliamBlake

            I’ve seen pictures of Gaga with and without her stage make-up and I’m 99% certain that this is not Gaga.

    • Sunny Sun
      • GBuster

        It is now confirmed that woman is a backup dancer.

    • PopjusshiG

      Nevermind the picture, I want a helmet clad GaGa doing Barx3. Wouldn’t be the weirdest thing she ever did.

    • mcf

      Have the girls even met Gaga yet?

      I assume they have but I don’t recall them specifically mentioning it.

  • GBuster

    Those are some big pop-jhussi there.

    • termyt .

      Well, we did take the time to learn the fanchants, but we only went to one show, so I’m not sure if we are big… oh that was a fat joke, right? Clever. I never heard one like that before.

      • GBuster


        • termyt .

          Thanks. I hope everyone who desires it gets a little meet like that with them. I hope they never lose that aspect of themselves.

  • Drakis07

    I’m glad to see that i’m not the only one fan to be lucky to have met the girls in the tour. 🙂

  • noskire32

    I’m just too jealous.. haha XD

  • termyt .

    I’m one of those two American pop-jhussi. Crayon Pop really lives up to their reputation for fanservice. We traveled over 4 hours from Ohio to go to Lady Gaga’s concert for a 30 minute set, but 10 or so minutes hanging out with the girls was an experience to remember.

    We were 10-20 feet from the stage during the concert shouting out the fanchants at the top of our lungs to the delight of both CP and the Lady Gaga fans. I don’t know if anyone shouted the chants at any of the other NA concerts, so we spent the month leading up to the concert learning the chants in hopes we could give them a little energy and let them know they have pop-jhussi here, too.

    Even as close as we got to the stage, I wasn’t sure we could be heard over the music and lights, so I was a little surprised when they reacted to us. Ellin returned my “heart” sign, followed by Gummi and Choa – soon a lot of people on the floor were doing it. So even if they could not hear us, they certainly saw us. I hope they enjoyed our performance as much as we did theirs.

    • that was awesome to know!! u guys really represented the pop-jhussi there!! 😀