140706 CEO’s Instagram Translated

CEO-Soyul Chat


In this Instagram post, Hwangu showed his conversation with Soyul.

“Do you want anything to be brought over?”

Soyul replied “No, but I’m gonna eat your sausages”

Caption: I need to buy some sausages from the convenience store every time I go abroad.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit


    • Judging by the CEO’s image reply, he didn’t try to resist it at all lol

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    CEO’s Hwang’s Sausage… this sounds wrong Soyul LOL!!!

  • mcf

    US Customs agent: “Anything to declare?”

    Hwang: “Yes. My sausage.”

  • Neonmoon

    The phrase…Just your sausage…sounds naughty somehow…lol
    US custom will not allow meat Item..might be confiscated..

  • GBuster

    Soyul likes sausages!


    • dlskdfsd i love your comments on cp posts.

  • noskire32

    hahah! kinda made the wrong impact there XD

  • ufdjs .

    sounds perverted lol!