140705 Crayon Pop’s Way having fun in La Ronde, Montreal

On the few days off from Lady Gaga’s tour, Way had the opportunity to relax at the amusement park, La Ronde with her stylist in Montreal. Enjoy the pictures and Way’s account!

A day off in Montreal!!

We were taking a break in our room and decided to go out with a bored stylist dongsaeng

Eunji: Unnie, wanna try out the subway?
Okay call!!!!

We asked around and bought the tickets and even transferred lines!!
There were green line, yellow line, blue line, orange line
Since it’s less complex than ours
I got used to it quickly
I think there wouldn’t be any problem riding it alone next time!!!!

We were going to tour around various places but we heard that there is a very popular amusement park in Quebec so we rushed onto the subway and bus and ended up here!!!

We were told there were only day passes so we purchased those
and were given cards so took a photo of it to commemorate
And on the bus ride to Baffalo today..
Eunji: Unnie what should we do with these cards?? Throw them out? ㅌㅋ
Danny (our guide): Mm? This is a year membership

Crap.. no wonder! I was wondering why we had to provide fingerprints~~ Things are going too well for the two of us>ㅠ<

way 25

Took a photo like this when we got inside!
Now that I look at it why did we take it like that. It’s an embarrassing pose ㅋㅋ

Firstly, we rode the swings
While in line, also taking selcas with Canadian children 😉
It’s the view from the swing and
Laronde taken from the top of the ferris wheel

We heard it was bought by Six Flags so perhaps
that’s why there were so many fun roller coaster rides!!!
The employees were also kind enough to take photos for us
Dizzy but we went around and rode diligently@.@
I think we rode 10 different roller coasters
the ride in the bottom photo is the “Cobra” which you ride standing up! ㅋㅋIt was a new experience!!0.0

We gotta take photos like this as well;)
An elderly man who did the same pose as that gorrilla took the photo for us!!

The Korean food we had in the afternoon was a bit salty so
craved ice scream and drank like crazy!!!!!
Even then, selca selca!! ㅎㅎ heehee
there were many cute children they were very willing to take photos with us too>.<

We rode a ride similar to Lotte World’s Hooroomride!!!
You can see lake St. Lawrence. Isn’t it pretty?♥?

I rode a ride that gets you wet from top to bottom!! Even the people who rode with us were dumbfounded and was really funny ㅋㅋ

And to capture that we sat again and posed ㅎ
We wanted to ride again but diligently move move!!!!

I miss you all so much <3?
It’s already been 2 weeks
Feels like time is passing quickly and at the same time slowly!!!!
I’ll keep in touch like this with photos at least
Have a great weekend everyone
Don’t forget we are always together^.~
Alabboong! (I love you)

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  • Taylor Simon

    Who’s the girl with Way?

    • That and who are the little kids?

      I think the girl is her stylist as per the little blurb above the pictures.

      • Geno

        A really cute stylist, just to add.

        • No! We mustn’t acknowledge her beauty or else Way will hunt us down and bully us 🙁

  • GBuster

    So the girls split up. I wonder what the other girls ending up doing.

  • Stan Baker

    Somebody tell our Way and her uncommonly beautiful accomplice to hold onto those cards. The cards still will be good when they get to Texas.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      And Los Angeles too (Six Flags Magic Mountain).

      • salaryprotection

        It’s imperative they try X2 and Goliath!

    • kpauburn

      Good point!

  • Drakis07

    I think that it’s very nice to see them having fun like that and being like in vacation. I wish i could have gone with them, didn’t go to La Ronde since like 5-6 years. I have to say it too WAY was very cute in her little black dress. Maybe having fun like that here will maybe make them wish to come back to Montreal once in a while.

  • so awesome to see Way having such a great time there!!!

  • So they thought they were buying day passes but bought year passes instead… I hope they weren’t tricked into buying year passes by the workers. 🙁

    • Stan Baker

      Six Flags is based in Texas. They were exploited. Shame on Six Flags.

      • kpauburn

        Actually the difference in price between a year pass and day pass isn’t that much, but it sucks because to get a year pass you have to get your picture taken and wait in a long line.

    • mcf

      I doubt it. I believe it’s one of those promotions where they give you a season pass for the price of a day pass. Their website mentions it.

      Sea World and Busch Gardens occasionally have the same type of promotion.

  • Donnie G


  • TinPeiLingFan .

    i hope we see all these in YongTV season 3 !!!

  • Rob B

    Ok, I just have to get it out of the way… but good God she is gorgeous…

    Anyway, I notice the girls keep saying they are bored a lot. I wonder if that is management blocking them from going out or if it’s a difference in culture.

    Just glad she got out and we got some pictures from her.

    • mcf

      They’re so used to being busy all the time they probably don’t even know what to do with themselves when they get some time off.

  • noskire32

    I hope she takes care of herself 🙂

  • kpauburn

    She looks like she had so much fun, and her dongsaeng is pretty cute too! Way’s skin is amazing.

  • Hector M.

    The stylist is really beautiful, what’s her name? Hope to see her again in future pictures or in Crayon Pop TV season 3.