140701 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

After every member posted something on Social Networking Services (SNS) platforms, it’s Choa’s turn

[ChoA★]Lady Gaga concert waiting room! Sweating after the concert!! Tied the hair back~~ We’ve just arrived in Montreal!! Missing you  ♥︎

[ChoA★]레이디가가 콘서트 대기실!공연 후엔 땀 범벅!!머리를 질끈 묶어버려요~~우리는 방금 캐나다 몬트리올에 도착했습니다!!보고파요잉♥︎


Interestingly, this post was made after a fan asked CEO Hwang on Instagram to get Choa to post something. He has been responding to many foreign fan’s messages. So make sure to head on to his Instagram!

Source: Twitter