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Haha..Since I’m in America, I tried an American style of greeting^^; KeKe
How are you fans?

We have been in America for 5 days but why does it feel like it has been a month?
I was actually worried before but now that I’m here, I see myself adapting well :-)Hehe ㅋㅋㅋ

Firstly, there’s so much food that matches my tastebuds. Although I’m a little worried about gaining weight,,,, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll enjoy first and go on a diet before coming back?! ~.~ Kya ㅋㅋ You believe me right? Wooang!!!

There are still 11 performances awaiting us
Even now, I am writing this as we are heading to the next concert venue in Boston on a long bus ride~

On the first day we saw Lady Gaga’s performance, we really learned a lot from it~
She isn’t a world class pop artist for no reason!! Her ability to make the thousands in the audience become one was really amazing~ I was excited by the sight of seeing everyone dancing and enjoying in unison as if planned ahead. I deeply fell in love with her free spirited performance and interaction ^^^^^* Gaga unnie is the best!

We stepped onto the stage with a nervous heart on the first day but perhaps because they were so open minded to enjoy the performance, the reception was great and finished it well. Phew^^

We finished our second performance yesterday, but it’s still a strange and exciting feeling promoting Crayon Pop in unfamiliar places and trying hard to interact and communicate with the audience despite our limited English. We are very much enjoying performing~~~

Our fans, you were quite worried weren’t you? ㅜㅜ Crayon Pop is paving our road little by little so keep the support in Korea 😀

Even if we miss each other, let’s hold ourselves together for the remaining 3 weeks. It’ll pass in no time >.<
Okay? It’s a promise~~~ I believe you*^^*

Okay then, I hope you enjoy your cheer-filled day thinking about Crayon Pop *.* Bbyong ^3^

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