140630 Crayon Pop at Lady Gaga’s Boston Concert

Crayon Pop opened Lady Gaga’s artRAVE concert in Boston at TD garden.

Twitter reactions were initially negative mainly due to the language barrier. As the performances went on, the Twitter reactions slowly turned positive, mostly praising them for their cuteness and interesting dance moves. Music and dance is indeed borderless.

Bar Bar Bar


Saturday Night

Dancing Queen

Bing Bing

Lonely Christmas


Bar Bar Bar 2.0

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  • Katja

    Is that Way talking in the Saturday Night video? Her English is very good!

  • GBuster

    If they can survive a usually tough Boston crowd, they will be fine. And they did. Go CP!

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Their English parts seem to be well-written, but unfortunately it only takes one mangled word for the meaning to be lost, and concert sound makes even native English speakers unintelligible. As much as I love to hear them speak English, I kinda wish the 3Bar instruction was shortened or omitted. But regardless, they’re doing great!

  • NeonMoon

    As they relax more with their English, with a short clear one liner, such as …Are u ready to Party! to grab the audience attention their delivery with improve with every show. Sometimes less words, being more emoted can bring the house down. They should drop Lonely Christmas (Hey,,,it’s July!) and do Am I Beautiful. This will break the monotonous one-note cuteness and show the range of their limitless talents. UH-EE’ng, UH-EE’ng..Hope Canucks know our Crayon Pop…