140628 Crayon Pop at Lady Gaga’s Atlantic City Concert

Crayon Pop opened Lady Gaga’s artRAVE in Atlantic City. They performed the same set as in their Milwaukee performance. This time, as it was not in a festival concert setting, they managed to be on a nicer stage (the plastic sheets are used to cover the main act’s props) in general. Twitter reception was overwhelmingly positive, and most of them came from Lady Gaga fans.



Bar Bar Bar

Saturday Night

Bing Bing

Lonely Christmas

Dancing Queen


Bar Bar Bar 2.0

This post will be updated with better fancams as they are released. Do remember to check the post regularly!

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  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I loved Choa’s English intro to 3Bar in Milwaukee. I hope any fan cams that emerge have the English bits, those are the most interesting to me. “Hello, we are Crayon Pop and we’re here to kick ass!” That’s all that needs to be said really.

  • Donnie G


  • Derek

    I’ve been a fan of Crayon Pop since their debut in 2012. They are, in my opinion, the greatest thing happening right now in pop music.

  • Kat CrazyRevy

    It was such an amazing show. So glad I got to see them live and the response from the people here was so postive.

    • wollapop

      were you the chick that was wearing the helmet?

      • Kat CrazyRevy

        Yes That was me lol

        • wollapop

          ahh snap lol… i didnt see you till the end of the concert when everyone was filing out.. i was gonna run over to you but it was just too packed and you walk kinda fast.. dang we shoulda organized some kinda yongpop fan meetup or something.. apparently there were a lot of us there

          • Kat CrazyRevy

            There apparently was quite a few of us! I had a few people talk to me about them so was very happy to meet fellow CP fans here on the East coast let alone more Kpop fans! I feel like there are so few of us here. Sorry I walk so fast I was hungry after the show lol.

  • Anthony Ashcraft

    I wish they were the second opener so they could play for more people, and I wish they’d use one of the mini stages or the catwalks. That’d be so cute.

    • wollapop

      my buddy and i were saying the same thing.. no hate to lady starlight or anything but the atmosphere kinda got watered down for a while there.. especially considering her portion was a full hour.. we heard other (non sketchbook people) around us mention the same thing as well..

  • Sakurai Kei

    Thanks CrayonPop.me !

  • GBuster


  • ufdjs .

    I am checking every minute brothers! This is overwhelming! Proud of our girls! Atlantic city has a very nice crowd!